Making God known through creative worship


We live in a time of great artistic expression - through music, film, design, drama. But for the most part, it is art that points only to itself or the artist. We believe that there is a higher form of art that points beyond itself, to something greater than itself. We believe that the true purpose of art and creativity is worship. Art can be an act of worship in itself, as well as a vehicle to lead and inspire others in worship. John Ruskin, an influential artist and art critic from the victorian era, puts it more poetically...

β€œThe harp of the minstrel is untruly touched, if his own glory is all that it records. Every great writer may be at once known by his guiding the mind far beyond himself, to the beauty which is not of his creation, and the knowledge which is past finding out.”
— John Ruskin.

At Set Sail, we aim to inspire and empower christian artists to use their gifts for the glory of God - creating art which points to the The Creator. To make God known through creative worship, whether it's music, design, film or other artistic expressions.


What is Set Sail?


As of right now, that looks like running and managing our band, Rivers & Robots, holding creative worship nights across Manchester and the UK which we call 'Gather', as well as sharing resources and giving a platform to christian creatives through the Set Sail website.

We have big plans and ideas for how this vision can grow and develop, and how we can help artists to use their gifts for worship. But we're taking things one step at a time, and we hope you'll join us for the journey!


How can I get involved?


If the vision of Set Sail is something you're passionate about, then here are a few ways you can find out more or help us to keep doing what we do!