We create because he first created

God made us to be creative. We were made in his image. Just as he created the Earth and sat back to say “it is good”, we too can enjoy the creative process. There is a joy in using that gift that he gave to us. We create because he first created. Because he spoke life into being and formed the Earth, and light, and sound, and colour, and harmony, we get to play a part in the divine process of creation by partnering, knowingly or unknowingly, with God in the act of creating.

God smiles upon creativity. He loves to see his children doing as their father does. He loves to get down and involve himself in the process. Sometimes we feel as though we put in all this work to create something beautiful, when all along we’ve just put in a few small pieces in the larger jigsaw, guided by his hand, and yet in humility he allows us to call it our own creation. He loves working with us. He enjoys the creative partnership. He enjoys that we look at how He created and try to do the same. He smiles over us as a father smiles over his children.

Every creative act is a partnership with The Creator. Some people choose to ignore that and create things that are perverse or ugly. But the real joy comes in working with our Father to create the thing that we were made to appreciate - beauty. He made us beautiful, with the ability to perceive and appreciate beauty, and the gift to create beautiful things. These things stir our hearts, fill us with joy, and ultimately point to the most beautiful one, the great Creator, God himself.

Jonathan Ogden

Creative director at Set Sail, lead singer in Rivers & Robots.