The Making of "High Priest"

Last week we released the official lyric video for "High Priest", one of my favourite tracks from the new Rivers & Robots album. As soon as I started writing this track I knew I wanted it to have the feel of driving down an open road in the sun, and so that was my starting point for the video.

Earlier in the year I took a few days out of my week to go away alone to the Isle of Skye. Being a bit of an introvert, and somebody who loves the outdoors, it's on of my favourite things to do. Being alone in nature is one of the ways I find it easiest to connect with God. It helps me to quiet down all the noise and make space to hear God's voice. For me, appreciating beauty in nature is just as much of a worship time as singing songs at a conference. I feel a real connection with the creator when I look at His creation.

The Isle of Skye and the Scottish Highlands are some of the most beautiful places I've ever visited and I had some really great times of prayer up there that I'll never forget. But while I was there I also took my camera and tried to film as much as I could. A lot of the footage didn't come out very usable (balancing a camera on the car dashboard resulted in some very shaky footage!) so I ended up taking separate trips out to places around England with a DJI Osmo, which is much better suited to steady, moving shots. And so the first half of the video ended up being filmed in the English Lake District, with my brother driving the car and me sat in the boot with a camera! The latter half of the video then switches to the footage I filmed in the Isle of Skye.

My hope is that some of that feeling of the beauty of creation and the sense of journey is captured in this video. It's certainly one that means a lot to me, both visually and musically.


Jonathan Ogden

Creative director at Set Sail, lead singer in Rivers & Robots.