The first "Big Gather" event with United Pursuit

On August 25th we're going to be having our first "Big Gather" event. And it's going to be great! We've been running Gather for just over a year with the aim of doing creative worship in creative places, and so far that's just been living rooms, which are great, but our aim is to start doing some more varied venues. And so we're kicking off with our first bigger event, and it's in one of our favourite gig venues in Manchester, the Deaf Institute! And we're also having one of our favourite bands, United Pursuit, just after they release their new album "Simple Gospel", so it will be a great opportunity to hear their new songs. It's safe to say we're excited!

We hope this will be the first of many worship nights in gig venues here in Manchester, so please help us spread the word and make sure you get tickets by clicking the link below! Tickets will also be available on the door, but they're cheaper online.