The Eternal Son Album Recording

Week 1

On New Years Day we began work on the Drums! We spent the first three days of the year recording drum tracks with Kelani at Noiseboys Studio in Salford. They were very packed days with only small breaks for KFC Chicken and cups of tea!

Throughout recording the drums tracks we were also involved in a prayer and worship event called Unite 24. It was great to join with churches across our city for 24 hours of non-stop worship, it was great knowing that worship was happening the whole way through the recording process!

Week 2

During the second week we moved base to Dan Stirling’s home studio where he mixed the drum recordings and we laid down tracks for the bass guitar and bass synth.

A personal highlight happened when we bumped into two street preachers who had recently met Jesus whilst in rehab from Heroine addiction! It was very encouraging to have them pray for the recording with us on the street - especially because we felt that God was saying this album will be used to bring freedom into people lives!

Week 3

The third week was mainly about guitars as Jonathan & David recorded all the acoustic guitars. We also spent some time at the Upper Room Church in Altrincham recording grand piano in their main hall.

Towards the end of the week we were also joined by our good friends Cat Davis and Dan White who bought some Cello and Sax goodness on a couple of our songs!

Week 4

Week four was all about the vocals, and we underwent withdrawal symptoms as we refrained from our usual morning coffees and did our vocal exercises! Dan’s cat seemed pretty blown away by our vocal prowess as documented in this video!

At the end of the week our friend Elizabeth Bhatia also joined us to sing the higher harmonies we couldn’t reach and we recorded group vocals with friends at Mount Chapel in Salford, Manchester.

Week 5

The final week has been a mixing week for Dan as he sorts out the tracks ready for when we travel over to Brighton, to record electric guitars with Jonny Bird!

Thanks to everyone who has prayed and encouraged us throughout the process! Big thanks to Dan’s wife Georgina for letting us take over their house for a few weeks! And thanks to everyone who came over to help us with the groups vocals!

We are really looking forward to when the songs are finished and out! We believe these are some of the best songs we’ve ever written and can’t wait to share them with the world!