"Fall Down" music video

The "Fall Down" Rivers & Robots music video was filmed in an old inner-city mill in Manchester. We spent a few weeks creating an animated backing video that we could project onto a wall, which could then be filmed and edited into a music video.

It wasn't until after the video shoot that we realised that the clip had more significance than we originally realised! Our aim with Rivers & Robots, as well as with events like Gather, has always been to take worship into places where worship doesn't always happen, such as a gig venues, creative places and some of the less-typical spots around Manchester and to be a light in the darkness. When we arrived at the mill, we knew we were in the right spot. This old mill had been converted into tons of artists studios, and was home to many freelance designers, painters, illustrators and other kinds of artists, as well as being the place where many gigs and performances had taken place, some of it pretty dark stuff, not to mention the strong smell of drugs in the venue.

This was a stage on which many other names had been lifted up, celebrated, and in some ways, worshipped. And so to stand on the same stage, in total darkness, while singing and projecting onto the wall the words 'TO YOUR NAME ALONE BELONGS ALL THE GLORY' felt pretty special. Not only were we physically projecting light into the darkness of that room, but it also felt like a spiritual light in the darkness to be there worshipping, and creating something that would be used to points others to God. The words of the chorus took on new significance.

Every other name will fade away,
And only you, my King,
Will have the glory in that day,
And every high and lofty thing that we have made,
Will be brought to the ground,
And in your presence we will fall down.
— Fall Down lyrics

So take a look at the video, and may it be the first of many opportunities to lift up the name of Jesus in places of darkness!

Jonathan Ogden

Creative director at Set Sail, lead singer in Rivers & Robots.