Be in our next music video!

Ever wanted to be in a Rivers & Robots music video? Now's your chance! We want to get our friends and fans involved in the video for "Lift Up My Eyes". Here's how to get involved.

  1. Fill in this form and pick a line from the song.
  2. Write / draw / paint the lyric you picked.
  3. Get a friend to film you holding it in whatever part of the world you're in.
  4. Send the video via dropbox / wetransfer / Google Drive to
  5. Spread the word and get your friends involved!

We also need a lot of dance parts for the instrumental sections, so if you want to do some comedy dancing as well, then go for it! 


The deadline is November 13th for submissions.


Have a listen to the song below to familiarise yourself with it!


Update: many of the lines from the song have already been taken. Your best bet at this stage is to pick one of the 'oh's or one of the many "lift up" and "my eyes" echoes. We'll release some lines again in a week if we don't get the videos in. Check back for updates!