Set Sail is a missions organisation based in Manchester, UK. Started by the guys in the band Rivers & Robots. The aim of Set Sail is to make God known through creative arts, and to encourage and inspire fellow christian artists / creatives. We call ourselves 'creative missionaries'. In the same way that missionaries throughout history would have set sail to nations around the world to preach the gospel and tell people about Jesus, we want to get the same message across through our art and creativity.

We believe art is one of the most powerful languages and most effective ways of telling a story or communicating a message in today's world. Sometimes a song or a film can speak in a way that words alone can't. We saw this happen through our own band, Rivers & Robots. A message would stir in our heart and become a song, and we watched those songs spread further than we imagined, reaching people all over the world. We heard stories from people who'd been encouraged, inspired and uplifted by the songs. Here are some examples:

"I'm going through a tough season... I believe God is molding me for a great plan he wants to accomplish. I have been listening this song almost daily, twice if not three times over sometimes with strength and courage and sometimes in absolute tears..."

- Vimbai, YouTube comment

This testimony was emailed through to us:

"I actually just came to faith this past summer! Long story short, your music has played a significant role in my faith journey... Your music possesses precisely the sound I love, but your lyrics also feed my soul."

- Adira, Email


Things like this really inspired us and spurred us on to launch the organisation Set Sail. We've chosen to live as missionaries, supported by people who believe in the vision and want to get behind us both financially, and in prayer. We use the money we make from the band to run more creative projects that make God known.

That includes our music, but also video content that we put out through our own YouTube channel, monthly worship nights in club venues in the city centre called 'Gather', and other creative projects such as designing beautiful Bible art to hang in people's homes or to be used on clothing.

The other half of what we aim to do is to equip, encourage and inspire other artists around the world to use their gifts for God, and to live as creative missionaries too. We can only do so much ourselves, but by investing in others too, we can see the vision become a movement. We do that by putting videos out through our vlog, publishing written content for this website and also running talks and sessions on creativity, worship and missions. We also have good relationships with some fellow artists and creative christians and love getting to invest in what they're doing through relationship.

We have so many ideas for new creative projects, and more ways to invest in the creative community, and we'd love you to join us for the journey. There are 3 main ways that you can get involved:


Support Us

You can support us financially either as a one-off gift or through a monthly donation. The financial support helps to support the people that run Set Sail. We've quit our jobs to make this happen, and the support helps us to sustain it on a full time basis, as well as being able to grow the team and get more people involved in the future. We have an amazing team of supporters behind us, and we'd love you to be a part of it!

follow us

We share what we're up to through our YouTube channel. We post regular vlogs that give a fun look behind the scenes, and also post some content through that channel to inspire and encourage artists, or just share what we've been learning as we go. We also have various social media accounts you can follow! Share what we do through your own social media accounts too, to spread the word.


pray for us

If you want to follow along in a focused way, we have a monthly email newsletter in which we share updates of things we've done that month, and let you know how you can be praying for us. We know that we can't do anything without God, and we really value having the support of people praying with us! You can sign up below.