The Biggest Story by Invisible Creature

Design studio, Invisible Creator, (run by brothers Don & Ryan Clark, previously of the band Demon Hunter) created this beautiful children's book telling the story of the Bible. The sub-title of the book is 'how the snake crusher brings us back to the garden'. It's a really beautiful example of illustration being used to tell the story of the Bible.


There was also an amazing short interview filmed by Tim Kellner (aka, timtothewild) where Don shares some of his heart behind creating artwork.

Art gives us a glimpse of how things should be, how they were intended to be, how we long for it to be. I’ve always wanted to participate in that.
— Don Clark, Invisible Creature

You can purchase a copy of the book from Invisible Creature's website over here.

A Beautiful Hand-Lettered Bible

Talented designer and illustrator, Dana Tanamachi, teamed up with Crossway to release this beautiful hand-lettered, illustrated Bible. It seems a real labour of love.


This Bible features 500 elegantly designed illustrations, printed in gold ink. And the whole thing looks really beautiful! It definitely seems like the kind of thing you'd want to keep at home and perhaps pass down to future generations, rather than carrying around in your bag!

We love seeing art and faith come together and this is a brilliant example of somebody putting real time and effort into creating something beautiful that brings glory to God. Have a look at the inspiring making-of video for a look at the process, and to hear Dana share more about it!

Make sure to check out Dana's work on her website, and you can find out more about this project by visiting


Did you know?

We just launched our Instagram account today, (about time, right!). And we plan on using it to share inspiring artwork, music and videos we find from christian creatives around the world. If you're an artist, we think it'll be a really great source of inspiration for you, as well as potentially a platform for your own work! Feel free to get in touch if you have anything you'd like us to feature. And you can follow the account here

Introducing: The Seasons Project

I love writing songs. Taking words, melodies, rhythms and bringing them all together is one of my favourite things. When writing songs for a specific project, I often take a scattered approach to writing and end up writing more songs than needed. This happened during the writing of our Rivers & Robots album, The Eternal Son, I was left with many songs that didn't fit on that project, either musically or lyrically. I ended up recording some of those very simply and putting them out as an EP called By The Streams.

Back when I first started Rivers & Robots, I really enjoyed the simplicity of coming up with an idea, recording it on my laptop and then releasing it straight away. I didn't know any other way of doing songs really, and as the band has grown I've learnt the lengthier, but often more rewarding process of going through the stages of demos, rehearsing with a band, recording each part in a studio, mixing and mastering. Since becoming a band in 2012, our subsequent albums such as All Things New and The Eternal Son have been a lengthier process, and songs go through a lot of behind the scenes work before making it onto an album. It's this process that often refines the song and makes it better than it was previously. And I think our later albums have been a real step up in quality for that reason.

But there's still a part of me that misses the spontaneity of capturing that first idea and spark, the first demo, and sharing that. This year, as we're between albums with Rivers & Robots, and still in the transition period of trying out drummers and touring, I wanted to have a creative outlet for the songs I was writing this year. And a return to the simplicity of just sitting at home, writing a song and then releasing it. I've been trying to stretch myself to think outside the usual boundaries of the genres I feel comfortable writing in, and I've been trying out various styles. Presenting all of these songs at once would feel so varied it would probably be confusing, so I came up with the idea of the seasons project.

I'm aiming to write and release four EPs this year, based on the four seasons. Each one done in a different style. The first of those EPs, Winter, was released just a couple of weeks ago. The theme of that one was to record something 'stripped back', with very few layers and effects. The majority of the EP is acoustic, with some electronic touches here and there.


I've started work on the Spring EP now. Spring is a time when things come into bloom, things brighten up. It's a beautiful season. And I want to reflect the beauty of the season with rich, lush arrangements. I'm excited to start recording these tracks.

Have a listen to Winter on the links below!

- Jonathan